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Hey there! I'm Andy Wood, and welcome to the cool side of the internet where we talk all things Generative AI for creatives. If you're into making stunning visuals or videos that pop, you've just found your tribe with AI Art & Animation.

Navigating the AI world can be like trying to drink from a firehose, right? So much info, so little time. That's why I'm here, doing the heavy lifting for you. Every week, I'll be dropping the hottest, most useful bits of wisdom straight into your inbox. No fluff, no filler – just the good stuff to keep you in the loop without losing your mind.

Whether you're a seasoned artist or just dipping your toes into digital creation, AI Art & Animation is your go-to for getting the lowdown on the coolest AI Art and Animation tools, trends, and tricks that'll take your work from great to mind-blowing.

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Introducing The AI Prompt Pod

If you are serious about your AI art and animation prompting, you need a way to quickly save and recover your favorite prompts. That’s where the AI Prompt Pod comes in - it’s a visual workspace for prompts, styles, attributes, and more!

The AI Prompt Pod, complete with prompts and a whole bunch of styles for artists and photographers, is totally FREE with paid subscription.

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Andy Wood

Who am I?

My name is Andy Wood and I write about the use of Ai in the media and entertainment industry.

I have held leadership roles as CEO, COO, and CTO at multiple media and technology companies. I played a key role in a three-person team that secured one of the largest venture capital-backed management buyouts at the time. Additionally, I have been recognized twice in the 'Who's Who of Britain's Business Elite.'

Tired of living the life of a carbon footprint, I now write newsletters on substack around my core interests: The use of Ai in art, filmmaking, and in the media and entertainment industry. In June 2023 I was recognised as a Substack Best Seller.

AiArtandAnimation.com - Ai news and prompts related to art and animation - this newsletter.

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