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AI Prompt Pod for Artists and Photographers

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Masters of Ink correction!

Masters of Ink

Primitive Abstraction

In Sombreros

Candy Capers

Musicians - 'Do not fear AI' - Was Stability AI Founder Duped? - AI Helps You Talk To Yourself

Faces with Patterns

Mechanised Dolls

Pictures In The Rain

Large Crowds

Depictions of Everyday Life

First Deep Fake Ad On Facebook, HBO AI Skepticism, An AI-Driven Supercycle, and Talk to Mario.

Prof. Brian Box - Astrophysicist

Idiots at Play

Busy Places

Airbrush Elves

Pete Peterson - The Prompt Pro

Drawings of Medieval Times

Futuristic Robots

An OS For AI, EU Screwing Innovation, AI Audio Is The Next Frontier, and Yet More Legal Woes

Creepy Character Art

Human Computer Icons

Social Media Influencer

Stella "Starlight" Adams - The Social Media Influencer

Mysterious Jungles

Bold Romantic Posters

Etsy Off-Platform Marketing

Emma Etsy - The Crafting Queen

Robotic Chibi Super Kids

AI Becomes a Harvard Teacher, Joins Wimbledon, Brews Beer, and is Accepted by the Grammys.

Mystical Faces

Best of Friends

Isaac "The Shark" Waters - Startup Founder

Entrepreneurs - Establishing A Unique Market Position

Entrepreneurs - Managing and leading a team of employees

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Startup Founder

Prompt Hackers Cookbook Announcement

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Many Different Animals

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Meta Goes AI, Wikipedia Divided, Unhealthy AI, Sextortion, and Apple Vision Pro

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4 Principles To Crush Text2Text Prompts

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Know Your Midjourney Cores

Nvidia Crushing AI, Hollywood Fears, and a Trillion Dollar Market

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Can you spot an AI face?, Memory creation, and Will AI save business?

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Apple Playing Safe, Hacking With Prompts, A Literary Storm, And A Chatty Upgrade


Compelling Portraits

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NFT Marketing Strategy

Big Tech control of AI, Cure for lonileness, Firefly plus Bard, Rise of a new blockchain, AI song writing

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A Cameraless Photo Style

Organised Chaos

How I Made a Chrome Extension Using ChatGPT in Under Two Hours - and I Can’t Code!

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Crazy Cool T-shirt Design With Midjourney v5

Generating Images at Multiple Wavelengths

7 Little-Used Photo Effects That Midjourney v5 Does Really Well

Nature With A Twist

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Bing Create Images vs Midjourney

Midjourney Imagines 9 Classic Books as Surreal Sculptures

Crazy Realistic Selfies - Midjourney V5

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How To Create Your Own Midjourney Style

Alternative Landscapes

Astro - Midjourney Landscape Photography Part 5

Midjourney Recreates Iconic Basquiat As Surreal Graphic Images

Midjourney v5 - Spinning the Wheels

The City - Midjourney Landscape Photography Part 4

Wildlife - Midjourney Landscape Photography Part 3

Seascapes - Midjourney Landscape Photography Part 2

Midjourney Landscape Photography Part 1

Small Things - Model Cities

Midjourney Recreates Iconic Banksy As Graphic Novel Images

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Small Things - Beauty and The Beast

Without Imagination We Have Nothing

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The Fusion of Art, Nature and Technology

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The Horror Movies

Mayan Marvels

The Art of Film: An In-Depth Exploration of Midjourney Cinematic Prompting - Part 2

The Art of Film: An In-Depth Exploration of Midjourney Cinematic Prompting - Part 1

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Free Midjourney Promp - African God

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